Kino Vela, Drilling Manager
Kino Vela started his oil and gas career with Nabors drilling in 2004, and later at H&P Drilling. Mr. Vela has developed in-depth knowledge of the drilling operation having started as a floor hand and moving through the ranks up to rig manager and currently serving as Drilling Supervisor for KJ Energy LLC. He has held numerous positions throughout the industry, and has accumulated vast drilling experience throughout Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. Mr. Vela has supervised large drilling operations with an emphasis on downhole tool efficiencies in horizontal drilling applications.

His experience in both DC and AC powered rigs gives KJ Energy the ability to optimize rig selection for efficiency and performance throughout East Texas. In addition to Mr. Vela’s drilling experience, he brings knowledge of Health and Safety compliance along with certifications in well control, and expertise in Drill Bit Optimization Systems for East Texas.