Environmental Statement

We endeavor to be proactive to achieve high standards in all environmental aspects of our business. As we work to create value for our stakeholders, we do so with a commitment to environmental excellence by the following:

  • A realization that we are accountable for how we treat the environment with an ongoing responsibility to minimize the impact of our actions.
  • A desire to make the world we live in a better place by providing energy for mankind, maintaining a symbiotic relationship with nature for the betterment of both.
  • To put procedures in place that ensure harmony between our business goals and our environmental goals.

KJ Energy strives to pursue no harm to people or the environment, leads a full compliance process and manages HSE as a critical business activity.

Safety Statement

KJ Energy believes the safety and well-being of our employees, and all stakeholders, is a requirement for doing business. We’re committed to being cognizant and proactive in all areas of safety and must promote and demand practices that convey our desire to be an employer of choice for our team members, and a business of choice for communities. Our commitment to safety will be guided by the following principles:

  • A mindset that starts with the value of all employees to work in a company where their safety is paramount and there is no substitute for providing the safest workplace possible.
  • Support programs and processes that strive to help our employees lead healthier lives and make choices that will support their physical and mental health.