MIlestones and Accomplishments

Mission:  To provide unparalleled management and technical expertise in profitably acquiring, restoring, reworking, developing and optimizing mature oil and gas assets in the U.S. onshore market.

In a few short years, KJ Energy continues to fulfill its Mission, while striving to always improve upon its track record.  Never resting on its achievements, we continue to lead and live a values-based culture, which inspires the admiration and respect from all of our stakeholders.

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MIlestones and Accomplishments

  • 20.2 mmcfe/d

    KJE Exec Team Assembles Best in Class ETX/NLA Technical Team and Acquires Stable, Low-Decline PDP asset with Upside Drilling. Formalizes Core KPI as a Positive Cash Flow E&P Company. Renegotiates Key Commercial Cost Levers at Historic Market Low. Test

  • KJ Energy Conducts Significant G&G R&D Project. Develops Proprietary Data Analytics & Monitoring Tools for KJ Operations, Further Driving Out Costs Test

  • 19.3 mmcfe/d

    KJ Energy Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary with Strong HSE Record. Arrests Decline Curve via Optimization, Reduces LOE by 64% and Increases Leasehold Acreage Footprint by 30%. Test

  • KJ Energy Successfully Whole Cores & Logs Middle Bossier, Beginning to Redefine the ETX MB Play. Test

  • 29.7 mmcfe/d

    KJ Energy Successfully Drills Its 1st (3) Non-Test Wells, with Average IP24 over 12mmcfe/d, averaging less than 4,000' Laterals. Test

  • KJ Energy Celebrates 2nd Year Anniversary with Another Strong HSE Record. Cuts LOE by 64%, Ave. IRR's of >100% for New Drilling and >200% for its Recompletion Program Test

  • 49.3 mmcfe/d

    KJ Energy Successfully Drills Liquids-Rich CVT Wells 4-8 in Rusk & Panola County, Incrementally Lowering Ave. Days to Drill, and Cost Per 1000' Through Use of Its Data Analytics Program and 'KJ Completion Technique' Test

  • KJ Energy Expands Its Rusk & Panola County Acreage to over 40,000 Contiguous Gross Acres, Significantly Increasing Economic Drilling Inventory and Reserves. Test

  • KJ Energy Completes (2) Significant Farm-In Agreeements and Acreage Acquisitions, to over 45,000 Contiguous Gross Acres. Since Inception, KJ Energy Increases Its Rusk & Panola Contiguous Footprint by over 85%. Test

  • 63.6 mmcfe/d

    KJ Energy Drills Wells 9 & 10, With Some of the Most Prolific ETX CVT Wells Drilled in '17 & '18 in Rusk/Panola County - Nearly 2x the Average Regional Type Curve. Average IRR's Continue over 100% with Average D&C Costs at $4.2mm. 10+ Years Drilling Inventory and >7 Tcfe of Highly Economic Liquids-Rich Reserves. Test

  • KJ Energy Breaks Drilling Record for Fastest Days to Complete Horizontal Wells in Rusk County, Growing Production by Over 300% Within One Year. Company's Full-Cycle Economics Make KJ Energy One of the Most Efficient, Low Cost Providers in ETX/NLA, Setting the Standard in ETX for Safety, Drilling Time, and Economic Performance. Test

  • 73 mmcfe/d

    KJ Energy Celebrates Company's 3rd Year Anniversary. Test